Advanced range of services for hydraulic and electric top drive systems

Internal combustion engine repair and maintenance

Services on installation and technical operation of fuel consumption control sensors

Equipment and spare parts supply for oil and gas industry

About company

DRILLFLOT ltd. — an oilfield service company specialized in the repair and service of top drive systems (TDS), as well as the repair of internal combustion engines (ICE) for diesel power plant (DPP) and mobile drilling rigs (MDR). The company also supplies high-quality drilling equipment and spare parts for the needs of oil and gas companies.

The purpose of our company is to provide highly professional solutions for the operation of TDS and ICE, technical audit and full repair. Highly specialized knowledge and huge experience related to the repair and maintenance of TDS and ICE, as well as the availability of all necessary equipment for the diagnostic operation of individual elements, allow to improve service level and quality.


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